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Breastfeeding Medicine of KW Welcomes You

Helping Families Achieve Their Breastfeeding Goals

Breastfeeding Medicine of KW is proud to be a physician-led, full service breastfeeding clinic, offering an evidence based, patient centred approach to treat complex breastfeeding problems. We strive to support and treat families during the postpartum period and beyond.

Mother breastfeeding her newborn child.

Medical Services

Breastfeeding Medicine Consultation

1:1 appointment with physician

Tongue Tie

Assessment and procedures performed in house by breastfeeding physicians

OHIP Covered

All of our Services are covered under OHIP with a valid healthcard for mom and baby

Referral required from:

Family Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife

*If you are unable to get a referral in a timely manner, or don't have a primary care provider please contact our office

Clinic Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 3pm

Appointments are required

Patients will be triaged based on urgency

Mother Baby Bonding
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